A multi-disciplinary team approach involving residents and families is vital in the provision of quality care. Our team consists of dedicated healthcare providers including registered nurses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Each resident and family member is treated with dignity and respect, as our team customizes and delivers the most optimal wellness plan. We appreciate the personal input from families regarding the care of their loved ones, and welcome their contribution.
Our Nursing Services Include:
* 24 hour nursing supervision
* Administering Medication/Treatments
* Hydrosound & Whirlpool bathing units
* Family Care Conferences
* Restorative Care Program
* Palliative Care
* Services of a Pain Specialist
* Services of a Psychogeriatric Outreach Team
* Services of a Wound Care Specialist

Life Enrichment

A qualified Life Enrichment Coordinator plans and provides opportunities for residents to participate in activities of their choice. The department is also staffed with a Volunteer and Community Services Coordinator, as volunteers and family are a vital aspect of our program. Their participation is encouraged and appreciated.

Services Include:

* Large Group Programs like Music & Special Events
* Small Group Programs like Euchre, Cooking
* Individual e.g. letter reading, outings, manicures
* Independent Learning for residents - e.g. Computer
* Professional e.g. Music Therapist
* Community e.g. Mobile Library, Worship, Bible Study, Communion and Pastoral Support 
* Intergenerational programs
* Family Socials e.g. Coffee Shop
* Pet Visitation
* Calendar of events, newsletter
* Handi Van transportation arrangements
* Residents Council
* On-site Hair Salon
* Menu Committee Meetings

Restorative Care


The Restorative Care Program is organized and facilitated by a Restorative Care Coordinator and Restorative Care Aide.


Services Include:

* Dental, Vision and Hearing clinics are coordinated on-site 
* Physiotherapist
* Assistive Devices Program - ordering of specialized seating
* Basic & Advanced Footcare provided, services of a chiropodist are coordinated onsite as required
* Para Wax treatments for hands
* Specialized restorative exercise programs

Family Services

We know the importance of family. That is why we offer a wide range of services to keep you informed and involved.


Services Include:

* Monthly Newsletter & Calendars 
* Photo Program
* E-mail Contact
* Specialty Clothing Purchases - catalogue or mobile store visits
* Family Socials
* Educational opportunities
* Orientation, Resource, Advocacy
* Escort Program e.g. doctor appointments
* Comfort Support e.g. Palliative Care , memorial services
* Private dining with family on special occasions
* Family Council

Volunteer Services

A Volunteer Service staff member supports and encourages the integration and involvement of volunteers into everyday life at the Meaford Long Term Care Centre. Volunteers are a vital part of our home as well as family members and we encourage their participation.


Services Include:

* Over 100 volunteers , including youth volunteers (orientated and specialty trained)
* Registered Auxiliary that manages a Memorial Fund & Fund Raising
* Clubs and Services volunteer support
* Spiritual Support - pastoral visiting, worship, communion
* Integration with Nursing, e.g. trained meal assistants, palliative care and restorative programming
* Planning and facilitating special programs e.g. Christmas Bazaar, Strawberry Tea, Sunday Coffee Shop

Our Building

Meaford Long Term Care Centre is a single story building with secure entrances that can be coded for entrance and exit. The Home consists of two Units with separate dining rooms and lounges.



* Private, Semi Private and Ward Accommodation
* Smoke Free environment
* Central Air Conditioning
* Main entrances have automated doors for easy access
* Quiet Nurse Call pager system to eliminate ringing bells
* Beautiful garden areas with walkways and patios, two of them secure
* Tastefully decorated lounges and recreation rooms
* Quiet Room
* Comfort Room
* Resident/Family Library and Private Dining Room
* Fire Alarm and Emergency Response Systems
* Building services on a Generator to facilitate continuous service

Administration and Leadership Team

A qualified administrative team strives to provide excellence in the delivery of resident care and Home management. The Business Office is open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.


Services Include:

* Pin money accounts
* Application for reduced rate where applicable
* Detailed billing and invoicing is produced every month
* Mail delivery


Meaford Long Term Care Centre is proud of its high standards in housekeeping.

Visitors routinely comment on the exceptional cleanliness of the Home and the lack of unpleasant odours. Regular preventative maintenance ensures that the building, equipment and supplies are adequate and in good working order.

The Home provides a daily laundry service to ensure clean bed linens, towels and personal laundry. Personal clothing laundered by the Home will be labelled on admission and regularly thereafter as new clothing arrives.

Residents may bring some of their own cherished belongings to complement the standard bed, dresser, bedside table and chair that is provided in each room. Residents are encouraged to personalize their room. Guidelines are discussed at the time of admission to ensure safety and comfort.

Food Services

The Food Service department is supervised by a qualified Food Services Manager. Nutritional assessments and individualized nutritional care plans are developed by a consultant dietitian who visits our Home regularly. Menus are approved by the dietitian and also the Resident’s Menu Committee.

Services Include:

* Three nutritionally balanced meals daily including seasonal fresh fruits & vegetables
* Choice of two entrees at lunch and supper
* Three snacks daily
* Therapeutic diets
* Theme days
* Private Dinners
* Resident Menu Committee

Meaford Long Term Care Centre